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How did I start  "Political Dummies"?

The idea started back in 1998, right around the time that Al Gore started the Internet! My husband and I transformed our 1970 VW Beetle convertible into a sleigh for an Audubon Town Watch Christmas parade. Since we received so many compliments after the parade, we decided to use it for a Christmas decoration outside of our business. I wanted to put Santa in the sleigh but could not decide who would pose as him. My initial thought was  President Clinton because he was already in the news as a result of the Monica scandal. A few days later, I had a  display set up with Clinton as Santa and Monica sitting next to him.  Cleverly stated on the side of the sleigh was "Ho-OH-OH." The Bill/Monica display was such a hit that I have continued promoting political humor with my VW and all the dummies.

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Look for your favorite Political Dummies at the Jon Stewart "Rally to Restore Sanity" on October 30, 2010 at National Mall - Washington DC.





Displaying No Political Preference


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Quirky couple on a mission to inspire voters


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Prankster unmasked


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GOP mannequins appear in Audubon


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Scene In Audubon



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Sleigh attracts, offends, confuses


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